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It's that time of the year again, and this time YOU get to nominate, your role models to speak at our event! Last date to nominate is 30th July.

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Glimpses of TEDxStMirasCollege 2018

All in your head: Ravi Abhyankar


 Dr. Ravi Abhyankar is a distinguished mental health professional from Mumbai practising inthe field of psychiatry from 1979. Dr. Ravi spoke informatively about mental health and emotional intelligence, highlighting the importance and existence of psychology in our day-to-day lives. Dr. Ravi is a true visionary who aims at spreading awareness about mental health and change how it is perceived in India. 

Am I an Elephant In The Room: Anshul Bafna


 Anshul Bafna spoke vividly about being the elephant in the room in terms of her career and marriage. She spoke about how she decided to be fearless and accept every part of her being and chose to stick to her beliefs regardless of the societal and family pressure she knew she would face. 

LGBT "kyu?" : Bindhumadhav Khire


 Bindhumadhav Khire is a dynamic, multifaceted gay rights activist, founder and president of Samapathik Trust, Pune and actively works for LGBTQ rights in the city and nation. In this session he shed some light on the unnecessary opposition that is faced by the LGBTQ community and how as humans, they deserve their rights and respect from the society. 

What's your number? : Alekh Sangal


 Alekh Sangal is a talented theatre and TV actor and the co-founder of Timbuktu Films. Alekh spoke about how social media has transformed lives for the better and for the worse. He spoke about how the amount of likes and follows affect a young mind and how giving importance to these things can be damaging. 

Explicitly Uncensored : Pushkar Bendre


 Pushkar Bendre, a comic from Nashik, an engineer and MBA graduate by qualification, spoke about censorship in an interesting and thought-provoking way. He spoke about how censorship affected him growing up and shared his opinions about the social norms that encourage intolerance towards certain topics that should not be disallowed tone spoken about. The session was light-hearted, yet intriguing. 

Perception : Justin Rayne Nash


 Justin Rayne Nash, a member of the International Coach Federation of USA, an executive coach and leadership consultant explored the concept of perceptions and its effects on people. He reminded the audience that the sole purpose of man is to love and live with peace and harmony. Among many other things he is also a concert performing singer, a former freelance journalist and columnist, a poet and author, blogger, photographer and a green citizen. His ideas hold power and that was reflected wonderfully in his speech. 

One Stranger a Day : Onkar Khullar


  Onkar K Khullar popularly known as Digital Gandhi has been giving seminars across India on a simple human emotion called Love. He is one person living 10 lives: 3 Time College Dropout | Author | Social Entrepreneur | Artist | Scientist | Motivational Speaker | Brand Creator | CSR & NGO Consultant | Martial Artist | Philosopher | an author of 3 books |  founder of 3 companies.The talk helped us transform our life with a simple trick whether we wish to move on from our past, ex or any other situation you are stuck in.

Performance by Les Danseuses Academy of Ballet


  Neha Suhjani who is a Chartered accountant by profession decided to quit a very promising career at one of the most prestigious companies to pursue her love for dance and children. Neha started Les Danseuses Academy of Ballet in 2016 to establish a dance and ballet community in Pune. It was a delight to see her and the little ones perform on the stage.  

Performance by The Earth Magicians


  The Earth Magicians are an Indo - Western fusion band with elements of Indian classical, rock and jazz. Formed in the year 2016, by Harold Fernandes, Mrugendra Mahodkar and Arin Bandopadhyay. The Earth Magicians believe that they channel mother earth to deliver exquisitely divine music.  

About us



 TEDx events are modeled after TED events, which feature a host of high-caliber speakers sharing ideas and innovations. TEDx events differ from TED events mainly by the fact that TEDx events are independently organised events targeted at the local community.  

St. Mira’s College for Girls is set in the heart of the city of Pune. The college aims to produce graduates capable of independent lifelong learning, to provide an environment wherein all stakeholders can achieve their full potential, and pro-activity and progression are the hallmark features of the college. These values are easily relatable to that of TEDx, and this is what makes it an ideal atmosphere to host a TEDx Event.  

 The event is a series of talks by inspiring personalities from all over the country on diverse topics covering vital fields like Technology, Entertainment, Art and Design, Social Sciences, and so on.   

TEDxStMirasCollege is a BBA initiative that is aimed at sharing transformative ideas. It is a collection of thinkers, innovators, explorers and learners that are always looking to expand horizons, change perceptions and trigger action. 

TEDxStMirasCollege revolves around the theme “Halfway There”


 More often than not, we are content with the one sided knowledge that we possess. We only see things that fit our perspective. 
It’s time for us to understand why the glass is not filled up to the brim and to see the other side of things that we already know about. It’s time for us to move from halfway there to completing our goal.  

Our goal


Is to bring together bright minds such as yours, and those that our generation would relate to, to give talks that are idea-focused, to foster learning, inspiration and wonder – and provoke conversations that matter. 

TEDxStMirasCollege - Halfway There


07th September 2019

09:00 - 16:00

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07th September 2019

 St. Mira’s College for Girls, Pune 

09:00 - 16:00

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