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Principal Dr. Gulshan Gidwani and Mrs. Stella Ambrose


 We introduce to you the backbone of our event without whom TEDXStMirasCollege wouldn't have been possible our Principal Dr. Gulshan Gidwani and Mrs. Stella Ambrose, the course coordinator of the Bachelor of Business Administration department in St. Mira's College, who constantly encourage us to do our best in everything we do and helped us carry out the responsibility of hosting a TEDx event. They have always reminded us about the power we hold as young women and how we can do anything we want to if we believe in ourselves. They have been great leaders for all of us students and teachers alike. Their words hold great wisdom and power. We're truly blessed to have them as our authority figures and role models. 

The Oraganizing Team



Oraganizer - Pratiksha Bokadia

Co-organizer - Manvi Malhotra

Curator - Prof. Abhradita Chatterjee Nahvi

Co-curator - Falak Baig

Social Media and Coverage Team


 Creative Designer - Laveena Sachdev

Editor - Akshata Karunakaran

Social media handler - Meghna Gulhane

Content writer - Karen Jacob

Logistics Team


Behind every good event, there's a greater logistics team Introducing to you, the logistics team that oversees the procurement of materials and keeping a record of the same.

Meet Kaniz Khan and Monica Dhanwani.

Finance Team


 Show me the money! Here's introducing the Finance team who looks after the monetary transactions for the event. 

Cashflow manager- Hanisha Rathod

Record keeper- Meghna Ballani

Core Team/Sponsorship Team


 Lastly, we introduce you to our core team that worked tirelessly, putting in their best efforts and gathering the required monetary resources for the event to be successfully organized! 


Nabomita Mazumdar


  Nabomita Mazumdar is an Indian entrepreneur and HR influencer. She was named as one of the Top 100 Women Achiever's Award winners by the Ministry of Women and Child Development in 2016. She worked as a Partner to an online community- Cite Community, serving more than 3 million management professionals worldwide.

She is the founder of nabomita.com where she shares meaningful messages with society using different formats of media. Because of her social media presence, HR expertise and community management experience, Ms. Mazumdar evolved into a major influencer in the start-up area.

She is also a speaker for Future of Work, HR, Startup, Women and Business, Social media and Technology. She has been invited by forums worldwide including Adobe Think Tank at San Francisco. She has received numerous acknowledgements and awards for her work which speak of her exceptional skills, expertise and overall media presence.

Aditya Kripalani


  A Singapore-India based director, Aditya Kripalani who is a script writing graduate from the Film and Television Institute of India. Aditya Kripalani has been the Creative Head of IDream Production and has been credited as the Script Consultant on multiple award-winning films like ‘Tahaan’, and ‘Jogwa’. Since 2008 he’s written 3 bestselling novels, ‘Back Seat’, ‘Front Seat’ and ‘Tikli and Laxmi Bomb’. His third novel, became his first feature film, that was written, directed and produced by him. It was not only screened at a lot of film festivals, but also won many awards such as,

Best Film award at the 9th Berlin Independent Film Festival, 2018; Best Film - Gender Equality award at the 20th UK Asian Film Festival, 2018 and Best feature at the New Jersey Indian & International Film festival, 2018 etc. Tikli and Laxmi Bomb also premiered in Singapore in May 2018 and received an overwhelming response from the audience. Aditya Kripalani has also been a writer and Creative Director in advertising in India, Singapore & Malaysia with wins at Cannes, the Korean Ad Stars and the Malaysian Kancil awards over the years.

Dal Thomas


  Thomas is a trained transportation designer from Institut Superieur de Design ISD -France where he graduated best overall in 1999.

He is also a master graduate from Ecole d'architecture de Paris La Villette, with a specialisation in Naval architecture in 2006.

After working a decade long for European car makers as a design manager, Thomas re-oriented his career path towards education by starting from scratch at DSK-Rubika school of design in 2008.

In 2011, Thomas quit DSK-Rubika to go back to France and start working for Decathlon as Head of design and Innovation.

In 2017, Dominique Sciamma, head of Strate school of design Paris approached Thomas to offer him to open and head the Asian branch of Strate school of design in Bangalore.

Driven by challenge and understanding that the future of our world depends on education, Thomas jumped on the occasion to come back to India in order to be a "designer of designer" and set up the Strate school of Design Bangalore, which is known as one of the best design schools in India.

Geetika Saigal


  From a Global Corporate Leader to an Entrepreneur to a Writer, she has seen it all. Her life story has inspired and encouraged many to live a life true to oneself. Her debut book became an Amazon No.1 bestseller. Her corporate, entrepreneurial and writing journeys have been featured in leading publications & platforms such as YourStory, Thrive Global, The Asian Age, India Today, The Outlook Money, Deccan Chronicle, Zee News, Yahoo News, The Tribune, The Hindu and many more.

She is a born speaker and inspirational leader who has spoken on various platforms and changed many lives in pursuit of helping others to live a more meaningful and purposeful life.

Major Mohommed Ali Shah


He is a TEDx speaker, a Defence expert and a Defence analyst on many popular Indian News Channels. He is a well known Theatre and film personality , and is also a visiting faculty at Subhash Ghai's " Whistling Woods International". He did his first play when he was 5 years old and has had an undying love for acting ever since. He has a huge body of work in Theatre including several productions with alumni's of The National School of Drama. 

He joined the Short Service Commission in the Army to train as a " Commando" and was posted at the Indo - Pak border at the line of control as a young Lieutenant. He has been awarded a commendation card for his exceptional and meritorious service to the nation for being unmindful of his own personal safety and going beyond the call of duty while serving with the ' Assam rifles" in the North East.

Dr Suresh Devnani


  Global Keynote Speaker, TEDx Speaker, Researcher, Best-selling Author, Dr. Suresh Devnani is a global thinker on Future of Workplace, well being, Resilience and Happiness.

He shares practical strategies from his 28+ years of experience and his on-going global research in Leadership, Personal growth and Organisational transformation.

He is also known as "Happy Doctor".

Kanishk Priyadarshi


 Kanishk Priyadarshi did rigorous theatre for two years at Asmita Theater Group, where he acted in more than 900 Street plays and 40 Stage plays. He then worked with a Youtube channel called Brown Street, Where he acted, directed and edited several videos and hosted the others. 

Before auditioning and getting selected at a leading internet and news company in India- ScoopWhoop, he did a couple of videos with Pop Xo, DLF. He has done more than 150 videos with Scoopwhoop and its subsidiaries.

He has been a professional anchor for the past 5 Years now and has hosted more than 100 live shows. He has hosted shows in almost all the colleges of DU, many schools in Delhi NCR, all the renowned malls in Delhi NCR, for NGOs, for social meet-ups, brand promotions, college fests, covered product launches etc.

Malcom Raphael


He hails from a simple family of six children. In his two decade plus career, Malcolm has literally been on all sides of the table. He started his career in advertising, then moved on to consulting before the marketing bug bit him. After a couple of years in marketing, he moved into the strategic investment space with Brand Capital, a division of the Times Group. While there, he not only provided marketing, creative and media advisory to portfolio companies, but also created consumer facing brands from scratch. 

He has had the fortune of working with MNC brands and Indian companies; with established businesses and start-ups; which have helped him gain multiple perspectives in his journey. 

He currently heads Trade Marketing, Innovations for the Bennett Coleman group and provides strategic and creative solutions for brands that need them. 


The Tribe Vibe Dance Company


 What is a TEDx talk without entertainment and a whole lot of fun? We believe that nothing can spell out fun as much as dance and music, and we have just the right people to add that extra flavour of entertainment at our event. Meet the famous TVDC team. 

The Tribe Vibe Dance Company is Pune’s highly sought after dance establishment which was formed by Mihir Gandhi, Pranav Pardeshi , Niraj Pardeshi; three accomplished dancers & choreographers and Nisha Alexander, a dancer and dance enthusiast, with the vision of spreading their knowledge through Intensive Training Program for Dance Enthusiasts of all age groups. We believe that they truly have the ability to bring art to life through dance. 

Come be a part of this event and be ready to be swept off your feet!



 Another performance to grace our event is by WFM, a super group of 4, specialising in Bollywood, Sufi, Indie-Pop and Rock music. In the past 30 months, they have more than 500 shows which covers 100+ venues across the country covering Pune, Mumbai, Aurangabad, Hyderabad, Delhi, etc.  We are privileged to have them perform for our event! We assure you that it is going to be LIT!!! Get ready for a massively exciting act! See you there!!!! 




  Over the top has created a buzz among today’s generation because it sits at the centre of the inevitable and unstoppable merger between the worlds of television and digital video. However, this progress in technology has brought about a redundancy in the youth amounting them to being ideal and non-interactive and lost in a virtual world. It’s time we take a look at the future of technology and humans where technology is upgrading day by day thus leading to a diminishing human interaction. 

Livable design


Humans are builders and creators and all of them work to create something exceptional and unprecedented but in doing so they cripple the environment in unsalvageable ways. To make the environment livable for us and future generations, sustainable design is the way to go. From architects to designers, everybody is coming up with livable and sustainable designs. These designs not only save space but also our environment and economic resources. Thought imperative, knowledge concerning these designs is extremely less, thus, making it necessary for us to obtain sufficient understanding regarding these designs.

Behind the Scenes


 All we see in the entertainment industry is the glitz and glamour. But what exactly goes behind the curtain is something that we might not be well versed with. The public as well as the aspiring entrants of the industry are often unaware of the real struggles in the reel world whether it is the nepotism or the politics.
Who better than an artist to help us differentiate between the “reality” and reality. 



 The art of deliberately, cleverly, and secretly putting people off, or simply, trolling is an internet-based activity where an individual posts excessively provocative messages online in order to cause conflicts, disruption, and massive arguments.
 We can find trolls lurking about almost every corner of the social web. What makes trolling so apparent is that anyone can do it, and it can be done from a secure, isolated place as opposed to interacting with others in spirit. 

Free Press


  The freedom of speech and expression is of paramount importance and the Press is unquestionably the most powerful watchdog of public interest.
Freedom of speech is a human right and is important to every citizen of a society. However, it is imperative to evaluate whether or not we truly are given this freedom and if so, whether it is used effectively for the betterment or for the downfall of others along with evaluating the unnecessary involvement of the government which completely bars the whole purpose of this essential freedom.

Reviving Reading


  As the saying goes, "Don't judge a book by its movie", it stands true in this day and age. Due to the overdose of media and technology in the world, everyone prefers to watch the movie rendition of a book over the act of actually picking up the book and reading it. Reading holds great importance and can have life changing effects on people. It not only helps with improving language but also makes one creative to generate various new ideas that the world is most definitely in dire need of. Many people have lost the art of storytelling and understanding different perspectives of things. It's true that technology has played a major role in caging people's minds up in a box where new ideas have no place. Therefore, educating young minds to read more is definitely the need of the hour.

Window Dressing


 How many times have you turned on the TV and seen ads which have no connection whatsoever to the actual product sold?
The truth is... the most powerful element in advertising is the LIE. Today we see a lot of harmless seeming challenges which have turned out to be quite hazardous to our health. Educating the youth to distinguish between these gimmicks and the market reality is of utmost importance. 

Glimpses of TEDxStMirasCollege 2018

All in your head: Ravi Abhyankar


 Dr. Ravi Abhyankar is a distinguished mental health professional from Mumbai practising inthe field of psychiatry from 1979. Dr. Ravi spoke informatively about mental health and emotional intelligence, highlighting the importance and existence of psychology in our day-to-day lives. Dr. Ravi is a true visionary who aims at spreading awareness about mental health and change how it is perceived in India. 

Am I an Elephant In The Room: Anshul Bafna


 Anshul Bafna spoke vividly about being the elephant in the room in terms of her career and marriage. She spoke about how she decided to be fearless and accept every part of her being and chose to stick to her beliefs regardless of the societal and family pressure she knew she would face. 

LGBT "kyu?" : Bindhumadhav Khire


 Bindhumadhav Khire is a dynamic, multifaceted gay rights activist, founder and president of Samapathik Trust, Pune and actively works for LGBTQ rights in the city and nation. In this session he shed some light on the unnecessary opposition that is faced by the LGBTQ community and how as humans, they deserve their rights and respect from the society. 

What's your number? : Alekh Sangal


 Alekh Sangal is a talented theatre and TV actor and the co-founder of Timbuktu Films. Alekh spoke about how social media has transformed lives for the better and for the worse. He spoke about how the amount of likes and follows affect a young mind and how giving importance to these things can be damaging. 

Explicitly Uncensored : Pushkar Bendre


 Pushkar Bendre, a comic from Nashik, an engineer and MBA graduate by qualification, spoke about censorship in an interesting and thought-provoking way. He spoke about how censorship affected him growing up and shared his opinions about the social norms that encourage intolerance towards certain topics that should not be disallowed tone spoken about. The session was light-hearted, yet intriguing. 

Perception : Justin Rayne Nash


 Justin Rayne Nash, a member of the International Coach Federation of USA, an executive coach and leadership consultant explored the concept of perceptions and its effects on people. He reminded the audience that the sole purpose of man is to love and live with peace and harmony. Among many other things he is also a concert performing singer, a former freelance journalist and columnist, a poet and author, blogger, photographer and a green citizen. His ideas hold power and that was reflected wonderfully in his speech. 

One Stranger a Day : Onkar Khullar


  Onkar K Khullar popularly known as Digital Gandhi has been giving seminars across India on a simple human emotion called Love. He is one person living 10 lives: 3 Time College Dropout | Author | Social Entrepreneur | Artist | Scientist | Motivational Speaker | Brand Creator | CSR & NGO Consultant | Martial Artist | Philosopher | an author of 3 books |  founder of 3 companies.The talk helped us transform our life with a simple trick whether we wish to move on from our past, ex or any other situation you are stuck in.

Performance by Les Danseuses Academy of Ballet


  Neha Suhjani who is a Chartered accountant by profession decided to quit a very promising career at one of the most prestigious companies to pursue her love for dance and children. Neha started Les Danseuses Academy of Ballet in 2016 to establish a dance and ballet community in Pune. It was a delight to see her and the little ones perform on the stage.  

Performance by The Earth Magicians


  The Earth Magicians are an Indo - Western fusion band with elements of Indian classical, rock and jazz. Formed in the year 2016, by Harold Fernandes, Mrugendra Mahodkar and Arin Bandopadhyay. The Earth Magicians believe that they channel mother earth to deliver exquisitely divine music.  

About us



 TEDx events are modeled after TED events, which feature a host of high-caliber speakers sharing ideas and innovations. TEDx events differ from TED events mainly by the fact that TEDx events are independently organised events targeted at the local community.  

St. Mira’s College for Girls is set in the heart of the city of Pune. The college aims to produce graduates capable of independent lifelong learning, to provide an environment wherein all stakeholders can achieve their full potential, and pro-activity and progression are the hallmark features of the college. These values are easily relatable to that of TEDx, and this is what makes it an ideal atmosphere to host a TEDx Event.  

 The event is a series of talks by inspiring personalities from all over the country on diverse topics covering vital fields like Technology, Entertainment, Art and Design, Social Sciences, and so on.   

TEDxStMirasCollege is a BBA initiative that is aimed at sharing transformative ideas. It is a collection of thinkers, innovators, explorers and learners that are always looking to expand horizons, change perceptions and trigger action. 

TEDxStMirasCollege revolves around the theme “Halfway There”


 More often than not, we are content with the one sided knowledge that we possess. We only see things that fit our perspective. 
It’s time for us to understand why the glass is not filled up to the brim and to see the other side of things that we already know about. It’s time for us to move from halfway there to completing our goal.  

Our goal


Is to bring together bright minds such as yours, and those that our generation would relate to, to give talks that are idea-focused, to foster learning, inspiration and wonder – and provoke conversations that matter. 

TEDxStMirasCollege - Halfway There


07th September 2019

09:00 - 16:00

+ Event Details


07th September 2019

 St. Mira’s College for Girls, Pune 

09:00 - 16:00

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