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About TEDx st. miras college

TED is a global conference that and not for profit organization that hosts and posts talks that tend to inspire people and change perspectives. It is an acronym that stands for Technology, Entertainment, and Design. TEDx is a branch of TED that allows TED-like conferences and events to be independently organized. They are featured with some brilliant speakers, thought-provoking videos, and conversations that matter. TED is devoted to those ideas that are worth spreading. The whole idea of a TEDx event is to gather a community locally and customise the talks in order to fit the mindset and issues that relate to that particular community.

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St. Mira’s College for Girls is a reputed institution for quality education in the field of commerce and business, which tries to facilitate better research and development for the same. What sets apart St. Mira’s from other institutes is that it aims at the triple education of the head, heart and the hand.

St. Mira’s is a girl’s college set in the heart of the city of Pune. Pune also happens to be the educational hub of the state, making it a perfect atmosphere to learn, educate and spread ideas. The college aims to produce graduates capable of independent lifelong learning, to provide an environment where in all stakeholders can achieve their full potential, and proactivity and progression are the hallmark features of the college. These values are easily relatable to that of TEDx, and this is what makes it an ideal atmosphere to host a TEDx Event.

TEDxStMirasCollege is a local initiative that is aimed at sharing transformative ideas. It is a collection of thinkers, doers, creatives, innovators, explorers, visionaries and learners that are always looking to expand horizons, change perceptions, trigger action and foster new connections.

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About Theme and Topics

Elephant in the room – Elephant in the Room is a common phrase that is generally used to address an awkward topic that is not spoken about but there is a need to talk about it. In a country like India, there are several such topics that hide behind the curtains. We feel the need to address these topics, especially in a girl’s college. With the rise in the awareness and action for Women Empowerment, it is important for women to be courageous and bold enough to not only burst the little bubble they are in right now, and actively think about it. St. Mira’s, being a girls college, actively recognises the need for this at a local level.